The British-born Sri Lankan designer, Radhika Perera-Hernandez, is bringing a touch of multi-functional classic elegance, mixed with the intrigue and glamour of her Eastern roots to the fashion arena. The designer's name was derived from Radha – the Hindhu Goddess of love and devotion. For the woman now perfecting her vision to create garments for Goddesses around the world, what more perfect name than that?

Raised by a Buddhist father and a Catholic mother, her upbringing from Sri Lanka to London colored the young designer's aesthetic by exposing her to an array of eclectic sights, sounds and experiences. She was taught to sew at a young age by a spirited grandmother who fostered her creativity. Hernandez began buying Indian fabrics and mixing them with vintage finds. Her natural talent for reconstructing vintage designs led to the creation of Lois Lane Vintage, a line that combined her skills in sewing, photography and styling. Working with vintage re-construction gave her a real understanding of pattern making - she learned how to transform a garment and women’s body type through fit, structure and draping.

Radhika moved to New York in her mid 20′s and worked in fashion at music icon Beyonce Knowles' clothing line for a number of years. In the summer of 2012 two amazing things happened: she gave birth to her son, Naeem, and simultaneously launched Lois London. The designer yearned to create beautiful, timeless investment pieces for women - the type of garments that would remain an integral part of a wardrobe for decades. The line consists of high-quality pieces that can be worn and styled in multiple ways; a free size that changes as your body changes - from youth to motherhood, and into your golden years. Lois London started as an organically grown collection of the most mesmerizing kaftans and swimwear, and has now transitioned into a contemporary, resort-driven brand that demonstrates the art of versatility and effortless wearability . Each garment perfectly accents a variety of silhouettes. Intricate draping, rich colors and airy fabrics put the wearer in touch with her inner goddess. These dresses are not driven by trend or fast fashion notions. Instead they are built on an ethos of quality and longevity.